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Rauta offers energy-efficient prefabricated buildings made of light gauge steel structures.


Rauta Prefabricated Buildings Advantages


complete supply highest energy efficiency 100 years lifetime


Prefabricated buildings are delivered in a complete set, including design, frame, roof, facades, as well as fasteners and accessories. The completeness of delivery ensures high accuracy of the design and speed of assembly, which can significantly accelerate the entire construction process, as well as avoid the risks with assembling materials at the construction site.


prefabricated building


Rauta prefabricated buildings have minimal energy consumption due to applying high tightness and energy-saving technologies. The company has opportunity to build a buildings with near zero-energy consumption (nZEB).


High durability and reliability of fast-mounted buildings are ensured by using high-quality protective coatings of the frame and envelope structures.


prefabricated building


Rauta buildings are ideally suited for the construction of shopping centers, warehouses and logistics terminals, agricultural buildings, industrial complexes, car dealerships and service stations, office, administrative buildings and sport facilities.


Rauta type series buildings are produced according to ready-made, maximally optimized projects, which can significantly save on the project development and materials consumption.



Rauta engineers develop and optimize design solutions, taking into account the facility operation features in the future, which helps the customer to optimize construction costs and get the building that best meets the business needs.


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