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Rauta carries out a full range of works to improve the fire resistance of building structures. The company performs design of fire protection, carries out the delivery of fire-retardant materials and conducts fireproofing of building structures.


The application of an effective methodology of a differentiated approach to the calculation of the thickness of fireproof coatings according to European standards in combination with the optimal selection of fireproof materials allow Rauta specialists to offer the best solutions for fireproofing in terms of fire safety and the project budget.


For fireproofing Rauta uses the most effective certified Ammokote fireproof materials:


Fireproofing of steel structures and reinforced concrete structures

Fireproofing of steel structures


Fireproof paint of intumescent type MS-90 improves the fire resistance class of steel structures up to R90. Fireproof paint for metal structures is produced based on organic or aqueous solvent with highly effective nanostructured flame retardants.


Fireproof plaster GP-240 based on air binder with increased adhesion to the protected structures. This is the best solution for the fire protection of steel and reinforced concrete structures with requirement for fire resistance up to 240 min.


Light fireproof heat insulation board FB-300 with the highest possible operational and fireproof properties. The use of fireproof boards makes it possible to increase the fire resistance of building structures up to 210 minutes, and also to produce self-supporting air ducts with a fire resistance class up to EI180.


Fireproofing of air ducts

Fireproofing of air ducts


Light dry construction mix DS-180 on a hydraulic binder with highly effective heat-insulating fillers and reinforcing additives. Fire retardant coating for air ducts increases the fire resistance class of steel ducts in ventilation, air conditioning and smoke removal systems up to EI180.


Fireproof materials for engineering communications



Comprehensive system of constructive fireproofing SCS-K for closing of passages of main and distribution busbars, as well as wires of cables through envelope structures with standardized classes of fire resistance. Constructive fire protection allows to increase the fire resistance class of the communication passage nodes up to EI180.


The FC-180 fire retardant steel clamp for external fastening is designed to seal the passage points of polymer pipes through envelope structures. The clutch prevents the spread of fire and smoke to adjacent rooms and also increases the fire resistance class of the nodes of the passage of polymeric pipes for sewage, heating and water supply up to EI180.


Fireproof high density mineral wool board SW with intumescent coating on the surface. The fireproof plate as a part of the comprehensive system of constructive fire protection allows to increase the fire resistance class of engineering systems passage nodes up to EI180.


While carrying out fireproofing work, Rauta specialists also use other fireproof materials:

  • Fireproof Intumescent sealant MF-180
  • Fireproof heat seal tape FS
  • Universal primer QUARTZ and heat-resistant adhesive KC

Ammokote fireproof materials are the most effective and superior in performance to both Ukrainian and foreign counterparts: Endotherm, Defender, Phoenix, Teraplast, Neosprey, Promatect, Nullifire and others.

Catalog of fireproof materials for steel structures 2023 (ukr)