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In addition to services in design, supply of building materials, installation, fireproofing and general contracting services, Rauta offers a specialized service in the following areas:


  • Support for the construction project at the initial stage.
  • Energy audit of buildings and structures.
  • Technical inspection of buildings.


The project support at the initial stage allows Rauta specialists to offer the customer most optimal solution at the stage of the idea, relying on experience in the field of design, production and installation, and also taking into account the features of the future project.


Rauta specialists have extensive experience in working on building projects for various purposes, so they can offer the most optimal design solutions, thereby reducing the time and cost of the construction process.


The energy audit includes an assessment of all possible directions of building energy losses by certified Rauta specialists equipped with special technical devises and calculating programs. The result of the energy audit is the energy certificate of the building with recommendations for improving energy efficiency.


Technical inspection of buildings allows to determine the condition of load-bearing structures of a building in order to check their suitability for further operation, or the possibility of perceiving an additional load.


The survey can be relevant in the following cases:


  • Emergency cases or natural disasters.
  • Identifying the load-bearing capacity of structures for the construction of additional floors.
  • Changes in space planning or building reconstruction.
  • Renewal of unfinished construction after a long idle period.


Rauta specialists carry out work on a comprehensive technical survey, as well as determining the reliability of certain elements of buildings and structures, including using non-destructive testing methods, laboratory studies and calculation algorithms.


As a result of the survey, a report is prepared and, if necessary, recommendations for the replacement or reinforcement of structures are provided.


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