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Rauta offers high quality Ruukki sandwich panels.


The sandwich panels supply is carried out by professional advice on the selection, design a project of envelope structures with technical solutions, drawings and layout of panels on the facade and roof, calculation of the structures load-bearing capacity in TrayPan, as well as an official guarantee of up to 30 years.


Ruukki Sandwich Panels Advantages


en 14509 warranty cost saving


Ruukki sandwich panels are manufactured using advanced Finnish technologies and are the highest quality sandwich panels available on the Ukrainian market. Ruukki sandwich panels are the first panels in Ukraine that were certified according to the European standard EN 14509. The supply of sandwich panels is accompanied by professional advice on the choice, design solutions with drawings and the panels layout on the facade, as well as an official guarantee of up to 30 years. High quality and advanced technologies in the field of sandwich panel production ensure increased energy-saving characteristics of Ruukki products.


The reasons to buy Ruukki sandwich panels:
  1. More than 25 years of production experience
  2. Perfect appearance
  3. Wide assortment
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Durability
  6. Fire safety
  7. Load-bearing capacity
  8. Sound, air and moisture resistance
  9. Environmental friendliness
  10. Quality certificates
  11. Comprehensive supply
  12. Ease to install


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Sandwich panels types that can be purchased from the Rauta


Wall sandwich panel, PIR

Wall sandwich panel, PIR

Wall sandwich panel, mineral wool

Wall sandwich panel, mineral wool

Roofing sandwich panel, PIR

Roofing sandwich panel, PIR

Roofing sandwich panel, mineral wool

Roofing sandwich panel, mineral wool


Special products with PIR foam core are sandwich panels for cold stores, which provide maximum building tightness due to the presence of a special seal and tight joint configuration.


To provide the building an architectural expressiveness, the customer can buy sandwich panels of any color according to the RAL palette and choose the appropriate type of profiling. At the same time, the price of sandwich panels may increase in the case of using steel of a non-standard color.


Sandwich panels are the best solution for energy saving


Rauta offers wall and roof energy-saving sandwich panels from the producer with an official guarantee of up to 30 years. The energy-saving characteristics of a building made of sandwich panels are affected by such parameters as:


  • The quality of the core
  • Accuracy of panel geometry
  • Lock configuration
  • Presence of special seals in the joint part
  • Correct installation with appropriate sealants


European Ruukki Plant

European Ruukki Plant


Production of Ruukki sandwich panels is carried out at Ruukki’s European factories in accordance with the highest global quality standards, in particular EN 14509.


You can buy sandwich panels by contacting the Rauta sales department. The company’s specialists will help you choose products taking into account all the features of building operation, requirements for its energy efficiency and structures durability.


Sandwich panel core


Sandwich panels with mineral wool core can be used for internal partitions, external walls and roofs, as well as in fire protection partitions and wall panels with increased load-bearing capacity (wool density up to 120 kg/m3).


Ruukki sandwich panels production

Ruukki sandwich panels production


Sandwich panels with polyisocyanurate foam core provide increased resistance to heat transfer, have low weight, which ensures ease of installation without the involvement of bulky crane mechanisms. Polyisocyanurate foam is not hygroscopic, so it can be successfully used in sandwich panels for washing chambers, swimming pools, factories with high humidity, as well as objects located near water.


If necessary, Rauta specialists are ready to provide full technical support to select and design of facade and roofing structures made of sandwich panels. You can buy sandwich panels with delivery, as well as install sandwich panels in any region of Ukraine – Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, etc.


Types of sandwich panels polymer coatings


Depending on the aggressiveness of the environment and the requirements for operational characteristics, the sandwich panel steel cladding might have different coatings.


  • Polyester (PE) is a standard coating for sandwich panels.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a film coating used in sandwich panels in buildings with high humidity.
  • Pural polyurethane coating has increased resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage and exposure to high concentrations of chemically active substances.
  • Polyurethane Pural Farm (CSafe) is the most durable coating for sandwich panels, characterized by increased resistance to abrasion, the influence of an aggressive environment, pollution, fading, as well as the influence of chemical compounds of the ammonia group and sodium hydroxide.
  • Polyvinyldifluoride PVDF (Hiarc) is a fade-resistant coating that maintains the color saturation of the sandwich panel over time.


Ruukki sandwich panels

Ruukki sandwich panels


The price of a sandwich panel depends on its type. In order to find out the price and buy sandwich panels, you need to select the type of products presented on this page.


The thickness of the Ruukki sandwich panel can be from 40 to 230 mm and depends on the load and energy efficiency requirements:


  • sandwich panel 40 mm
  • sandwich panel 60 mm
  • sandwich panel 80 mm
  • sandwich panel 100 mm
  • sandwich panel 120 mm
  • sandwich panel 140 mm
  • sandwich panel 150 mm
  • sandwich panel 160 mm
  • sandwich panel 170 mm
  • sandwich panel 180 mm
  • sandwich panel 200 mm
  • sandwich panel 230 mm


The price of sandwich panels in the price list is indicated for the delivery to Kyiv. The cost of sandwich panels for other regions (Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa) may vary depending on the distance and degree of transport loading.


Sandwich panels installation


Sandwich panels can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The durability and energy efficiency of the building’s envelope structure depends on the quality of the installation, so it should be entrusted only to experienced contractors.



Rauta has more than 20 years of experience in the supply and installation of sandwich panels in all regions of Ukraine. The company’s specialists have developed and successfully applied a library of typical drawings, which ensures high quality of the performed work and durability of the building with sandwich panel.


Ideas for facades with sandwich panels


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