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Ventilated facades


Rauta offers high quality Ruukki ventilated facades.


The ventilated facades supply is carried out by professional advice on the selection, development of the project of envelope structures with technical solutions, drawings and the layout of cladding elements on the facade, as well as an official guarantee of up to 50 years.


Advantages of Ruukki ventilated facades


en 14782 warranty 30 years high quality


For the production of Ruukki ventilation facades, only high-quality structural steel with a zinc level of Zn275 g/m2 is used. Ventilated facades from Rauta were the first in Ukraine to pass certification according to the European norm EN 14782, and the quality and reliability of the products is ensured by an official guarantee of up to 50 years.


Ruukki ventilated facades are manufactured using advanced Finnish technologies and are the most high-quality facade cladding available on the European and Ukrainian markets.


A ventilated facade increases the architectural expressiveness and energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings. A ventilated facade with additional insulation significantly increases the energy efficiency of the building, which allows you additionally to save up to 25% of heating and air conditioning costs.


Rauta offers ventilated facades of the building using facade cladding with cassettes or lamellas made of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and titanium-zinc, mirror and glass ventilated facades, facade solar panels, designer ventilated facade with perforation or pictures, as well as facades made of Cor-Ten steel. Cladding the facade of the building with Ruukki materials is a guarantee of the highest European quality, unique facade design and long service life.


Ruukki ventilated facades are being manufactured in European factories in accordance with the highest global quality standards. Rauta is the first company in Ukraine that certified facade cladding materials according to the European quality standard DSTU B EN 14782.


You can buy a European-produced ventilated facade from Rauta company. Rauta ventilated facades allow you to reduce the costs of air conditioning and heating and significantly improve the building appearance.


Perforated ventilated facade with illumination

Perforated ventilated facade with illumination


Steel facade cassettes, lamellas and design profiles are made of structural galvanized steel and have a polymer coating, which ensures the durability of the ventilated facade for many decades. Depending on the operating conditions and the aggressiveness of the environment, the facade cladding can have different types of polymer coatings.


A ventilated facade can have the following types of cladding


  • Facade cassettes (steel cassettes)
  • Facade lamellas
  • Design profiles
  • Low profiled flooring
  • Glass facades
  • Facade solar panels
  • Cor-ten (Corten)
  • Forma (cladding over sandwich panels)
  • Emotion (facades with perforation)
  • Expression (facades with a pattern)
  • Individual ventilated facades


Ventilated facades. Cassettes

Ventilated facades. Cassettes


If necessary, Rauta specialists are ready to provide full technical support for the selection and design of ventilated facades, including the design and layout of facade elements. The design of the ventilated facade is carried out by experienced designers who understand the differences and specifics of various types of facade cladding and know how to successfully choose the type of polymer coatings. You can buy ventilated facades with delivery, as well as install a ventilated facade in any city of Ukraine – Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, etc.


Installation of a ventilated facade is carried out in almost any weather conditions and without the use of bulky crane mechanisms. The absence of wet processes extends seasonality and simplifies the technology of installing ventilated facades.


Prices for a ventilated facade depend on the type of facade cladding, the material from which the elements are made and their size, the necessity of insulation, the type of building load-bearing structure and the substructure type of the ventilated facade. In order to find out the price and buy a ventilated facade, you need to choose the type of product from the list presented on this page above. The price for a ventilated facade in the price list is indicated for the delivery to Kyiv. The price of the facades for other cities (Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv etc.) may vary depending on the distance and the degree of transport loading.