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Construction project management outsourcing

Construction project management outsourcing


Rauta offers comprehensive management of construction projects on behalf of investors. Performing the functions of construction project management outsourcing is a complex process with many specialized stages that can only be carried out by a team of experienced professionals with broad competencies. The staff of specialists in the required specialities allows Rauta to carry out the functions of the construction project management outsourcing in full.


Transferring the functions of construction project management outsourcing from an investor to a specialised company allows him to avoid communication with many contractors and government agencies and obtain the highest quality result within the planned timeframe and budget.


Rauta’s construction project management outsourcing includes the following stages:


Pre-project stage


Pre-project stage



  1. Development of the project concept, implementation schedule and comprehensive business strategy.
  2. Audit the land plot, which determines its intended purpose and restrictions by urban planning documentation and the need for additional approvals, for example, with the State Aviation Service, cultural heritage protection authority, etc.
  3. Analysis of the compliance of the land plot’s intended use with the concept of the future project and, if necessary, the possibility of changing it.
  4. Preparation of design specifications and development of a feasibility study.
  5. Obtaining urban planning conditions and restrictions for land development, reconstruction or overhaul of the facility.
  6. Obtaining initial data for design, including conducting a set of engineering, geological and geodetic surveys of the land plot, calculating the building’s resource requirements in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents and preparing technical specifications.


Development of design and estimate documentation for construction (design)


The project documentation includes the following sections:

  • Explanatory note
  • Architectural and construction solutions
  • Technological part
  • Solutions for engineering equipment
  • Master plan and transport infrastructure
  • Basic drawings
  • Construction management project
  • External engineering networks
  • Estimated documentation
  • Development of design and estimate documentation


Construction project management outsourcing



Expertise of project documentation


Expertise helps to determine the quality of design solutions, considering the requirements of current building codes and standards.


Rauta’s specialists ensure effective communication between designers and experts, which makes it possible to speed up removing comments and obtaining a satisfactory conclusion.


Selection of the general contractor


Conducting a tender for the general contractor, considering the specifics of a particular facility: the complexity of technical solutions, business technology, geographical location, financing, etc. Rauta can perform turnkey construction or reconstruction as a general contractor if required.


Obtaining a building permit


Drafting a complete package of documents required to obtain a permit and submitting a request to the state architectural and construction control and supervision authorities.


Rauta specialists check the accuracy of the documents, including the integrity and reliability of the data and their compliance with the current legislation.


Preparatory work at the construction site


Pre-construction works facilitate the rapid deployment and high-quality execution of construction works by the design solutions.

The process includes clearing the land plot of greenery and old structures, installing fencing, organizing security, erecting temporary industrial and domestic buildings, constructing access roads, organizing storage areas, installing temporary utility networks, etc.


Preparatory work at the construction site


Construction and installation works


Carrying out a full range of construction works to build a facility:

  • Planning the construction process
  • Development of a project for the execution of works
  • Excavation and foundation works
  • Erection of load-bearing structures
  • Roofing and facade installation
  • Laying of external and internal engineering networks
  • Finishing works, including installation of industrial floors, fireprotection, etc.
  • Installation of technological equipment
  • Landscaping and arrangement of adjacent infrastructure


The core processes during construction are:

  • Project management. The project manager develops and monitors a detailed work schedule, manages costs, engages relevant specialists, and resolves organizational issues of all construction processes.
  • Architectural supervision. The chief architect or engineer approves changes or deviations in the project and monitors the implementation of design decisions.
  • Technical supervision. A certified specialist checks the compliance of materials and structures with the requirements of applicable building codes and tests them on-site or in a laboratory.


Construction and installation works


Construction and connection of external engineering networks


Installation of power supply, water supply, sewerage, drainage, heat supply, gas supply, communication systems, etc.


Rauta specialists connect utility networks at the construction stage by drawing up the relevant project documentation and approving it with the competent authorities.




  1. Checking the building for technical characteristics and compliance with safety, energy efficiency, sanitary and hygienic requirements, etc.
  2. Preparation of a technical passport for the facility.
  3. Preparation of an energy certificate for the building in cases where it is required.
  4. Performing a control topographic and geodetic survey, checking the identifier of the construction object and the absence of deviations from the master plan.
  5. Obtaining a certificate of acceptance of the facility into operation.
  6. Applying to the local authority to assign an address to the building.




Performing the functions of the construction project management outsourcing is one of the most responsible processes of turnkey construction, in which the high qualification of the contractor allows the investor to receive a building that will meet his expectations to the maximum extent possible. By entrusting Rauta with the function of construction project management outsourcing, the investor will get a modern, high-quality and functional building with an optimised budget and project implementation time.