Main News Ukrainian market of sandwich panels grew by 18%
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Ukrainian market of sandwich panels grew by 18%

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In 2018 the market volume of sandwich panels reached 2.3 million m2, as reported by the Rauta director Andriy Ozeychuk during a speech at the VII National conference of steel construction market participants.

In the presentation Andriy Ozeychuk showed non-residential real estate market analysis and main trends of the envelope structures for commercial construction in Ukraine.


The Rauta director noted that about 56% of sandwich panels market is occupied by Ukrainian products. At the same time, out of 1.5 million m2 of steel claddings, a trapezoid profile accounts for 98% of sales.


Noting the market trends, Andriy Ozeychuk mentioned: “Construction costs account for about 1/6 of the total costs throughout the entire life cycle of a building, so today customers are investing in energy-efficient facade solutions such as ventilated claddings and sandwich panels with enhanced energy efficiency.”


In the conclusion of the presentation, the speaker showed examples of successful implementation in cases of Ukrainian and foreign projects using Ruukki materials.


View the presentation “Façade cladding market for commercial construction, 2018” (rus)

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Ukrainian market of sandwich panels grew by 18%
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