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Salmon Eye – sustainable architecture with the newest Ruukki materials


In 2022, Norway was opened an innovation center with a façade reminiscent of iridescent salmon skin and a fisheye shape, earning the name the Salmon Eye.

Located in the Hardangerfjord, the facility was designed by the Danish architecture firm Kvorning Design for the Norwegian salmon and trout farm Eide Fjordbruk.


The floating pavilion is the center of innovation in food production of the future. Salmon Eye shows visitors how food production affects nature and climate, and how new solutions and ideas can help to change the entire seafood value chain.


Salmon Eye


In addition to being a training center, the Salmon Eye is also an art installation that can be admired from afar, since the center is located near one of the Eide Fjordbruk fish farms, which allows you to visit both locations at the same time. Two electric ferries deliver guests to the center.



The pavilion floats on the surface of the 100 meters deep bay and moored with large anchors to the bottom of the fjord. With a diameter of 30 m and an area of 1,000 m2, the building has four levels, including one underwater, weighs 1,256 tons and is built to withstand waves up to 4 m high.



The creation of Salmon Eye was based on environmental principles using durable materials. The complex elliptical shape and the location of the building on the water created special requirements for the load-bearing and envelope structures.


The frame of the structure is made of bent H-beams in Estonia and additionally sheathed with steel sheets, on top of which a substructure is attached for cladding installation.



The surface of Salmon Eye resembles the silver skin of a salmon. For this unique project, Ruukki produced 9,275 acid-resistant stainless steel cladding elements that withstand long-term exposure to sea water.


Salmon Eye facade


Rectangular plates with cut corners are attached to the curved body of the building. Small elements, similar to fish scales, reflect the surrounding nature on the outer surface of the pavilion.



On the top level of the building there is a terrace with magnificent views of the fjord and the sky.


Salmon Eye Terrace


The implementation of such a complex project became possible due to the high qualification of designers and contractors, whose capabilities made it possible to produce steel structures of complex shape and unique facade solutions from innovative materials.


Salmon Eye

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Salmon Eye – sustainable architecture with the newest Ruukki materials
Salmon Eye – sustainable architecture with the newest Ruukki materials