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Rauta ColdRoom – prefabricated sandwich panel cold rooms


Frameless sandwich panel construction technology allows you to buld within the shortest possible time refrigerator and freezer warehouses with maximum energy efficiency.


ColdRoom rooms can have different dimensions and provide an optimal volume for storing agricultural, livestock, fishing, medical and other products. Rauta ColdRoom can be used either as a room inside an agricultural, warehouse, industrial or commercial building, or as a freestanding structure in places of operation: fields, vineyards, gardens, near medical or military facilities, places of emergency situations, etc. In the agricultural industry, using such refrigerating chambers you can simply and quickly ensure the storage, cooling or freezing of finished products even in the field and thereby minimize losses after harvesting.



The highest speed of installation of the collapsible structure of Rauta refrigerating chambers, as well as maximum air tightness are ensured by the use of Ruukki Energy sandwich panels with PIR foam filler and an installed seal in the locks. The thickness of the panels and the type of polymer coating depend on the operating conditions. For food storage, the best coating of the inner lining of the sandwich panel is FoodSafe, which has high wear resistance when exposed to organic substances, is resistant to detergents, easy to clean and can be in direct contact with food. The FoodSafe coating fully complies with the principles of the HACCP product safety system.


Since sandwich panels are self-supporting enclosing structures, a ColdRoom can be built without installing a separate frame. Such refrigerators and freezers can be assembled without any crane mechanisms within just a couple of days. All structural elements are factory-ready and are supplied according to the design dimensions, thus saving the trouble of fitting elements during installation and eliminating waste. If necessary, the chamber can be easily disassembled, transported and assembled in a new location.



A ColdRoom refrigerator warehouse can have a height of up to 4 m, which provides an increased volume for storing products. For example, a refrigerator chamber of the standard size 8.8×4.6×3.5 m has an internal area of 37.8 m2 and a useful volume of 132.4 m3. If a larger warehouse is required, a structure from two or more interlocked chambers can be built. At the same time, each room can have a different temperature regime for storing a variety of products.


cold chamber


Rauta ColdRoom can be supplied as a complete set for you to assemble or “turnkey” with installation. All the components needed for a ColdRoom refrigerator can be loaded in one vehicle. Delivery can be carried out anywhere in Ukraine, as well as around the world by road or sea containers.


The standard set of the refrigerator/freezer includes:


  • Ruukki PIR Energy Sandwich Panels
  • Necessary fasteners and accessories
  • Ruukki T35 trapezoidal roof profile, in case of a detached structure is built
  • Sliding or swing refrigerator doors
  • Refrigeration unit, with the capacity depending on the temperature requirements for the chamber
  • External and internal lighting with electrical wiring
  • Lightning protection

Additionally, the ColdRoom can be equipped with a ladder and a solar power plant, which can be mounted on the roof or installed next to the building. When installed on the roof, due to the limited area, solar panels can generate up to 40% of the electricity required for the operation of the refrigerator, and when a solar station is installed as a freestanding structure, they can fully cover the electricity needs.



Rauta ColdRoom can be effectively operated for up to 50 years. After the expiration of the service life of the fridge chamber, sandwich panels can be completely disposed of: the steel casing is separated from the filler and used as scrap metal, while the PIR foam filler can be recycled or burned to produce thermal energy.


cold chamber


Main specifications of Rauta ColdRoom cold and freezer chambers

SpecificationCold chamberFreezer chamber
Operating temperature, °C0…+10-15…-35
Thickness of sandwich panel walls, mm*80–100120–200
Length (internal), mfrom 6.4 m
Width (internal), mup to 4.4
Height (internal), mup to 4
Panel fillerPolyisocyanurate foam (PIR) of increased fire resistance
Exterior panel cladding  
SteelS280, Zn190-275
ColourRAL 1015, RAL 7035, RAL 9002, RAL 9006, RAL 9010
CoverPolyester, Pural, Hiarc
Толщина, мм0.50.5
Internal panel cladding   
SteelS280, Zn190-275
ColourRAL 9002, RAL 9010
CoverPolyester, Pural, FoodSafe
Thickness, mm0.40.5
Fire resistanceup to EI30up to EI60
Life cycle, years50
DoorsAccording to the terms of reference
Climate control systemAccording to the terms of reference
LightingAccording to the terms of reference
Lightning protectionLightning receiver and grounding

* Learn more how to choose the thickness of sandwich panels for refrigerators



Parameters of typical single and combined Rauta ColdRoom chambers

Number of rooms, pcs.1123
Length (internal), m4.46.613.219.8
Width (internal), m4.
Height (internal), m3.
Area, m219.429.058.187.1
Useful volume, m367.9101.5203.3304.9
The term of installation of structures, days1123
Tonnage of stored products, t* 17255176

* The average indicator taking into account the passes

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Rauta ColdRoom – prefabricated sandwich panel cold rooms
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