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Main News LGSF wall panels allow to increase building area by 3%

LGSF wall panels allow to increase building area by 3%


On the 10th of October, within the framework of the USCC architectural club, Rauta Director Andriy Ozeychuk presented to young architects a cost reduction technology for high-rise residential buildings.

According to the Rauta general manager, the key advantage of using prefabricated LGSF -panels in the construction of residential buildings with monolith-frame type is a significant increase in living space due to the use of a structure with smaller thickness while maintaining necessary thermal properties of the wall.


“Taking into account the income from the sale of additional space, the wall construction of LGSF -panels costs to the developer 5 times cheaper than brickwork and more than 2 times cheaper than the construction of gas concrete blocks,” said Andriy Ozeychuk. “Additionally, the developer reduces time needed for building walls by 4-6 times and also reduces the cost of building frame and foundation works by up to 30% due to the lower weight of wall structures.”


The design of LGSF -panels, similar to sandwich panel, does not need additional fire protection and can be with a pre-installed façade and “shell and core”, on which ventilated facades with various claddings can be mounted: rain-screen panels, lamellas, etc.


Such solutions are successfully tested and are actively used in many countries around the world, including the UK, Finland, Sweden, etc., and also have good prospects for use in Ukraine.

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LGSF wall panels allow to increase building area by 3%