Main News In 2019, Rauta's market share in the imported sandwich panels doubled
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In 2019, Rauta’s market share in the imported sandwich panels doubled

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According to the year results, sales of Ruukki sandwich panels doubled on the background of a 10 percent drop of imported panels market in Ukraine.

The total consumption of imported sandwich panels in Ukraine decreased from 1.01 million square meters in 2018 to 0.91 million square meters in 2019. Industry experts attribute this result to a temporary slowdown in the investment activities of developers due to the general economic situation in the country.


At the same time, more and more customers are choosing the most high-quality and energy-efficient sandwich panels, realizing that their higher cost will pay off within 3-4 years due to savings in heating and air conditioning. So, according to the results of 2019, Rauta increased its share in the import panel segment to 4.6%, which is two times more than previous year.


“According the current trends in improving energy efficiency of commercial buildings, we expect further growth in sales of Ruukki sandwich panels, which today are the most energy-efficient not only in Ukraine but also in Europe,” commented the results of 2019, Rauta director Andriy Ozeychuk.


According to the Rauta manager, one of the challenges this year may be the introduction of 305 Regulations, which will significantly affect the sandwich panels market. In the long term run, the emergence of declarations and self-regulatory organizations will create the prerequisites for the mass application of sandwich panels that comply with DSTU EN 14509 with the highest possible energy efficiency and durability.


It’s worth to mention that Rauta became the first company in Ukraine to certify a sandwich panel according to DSTU B EN 14509:2014. The availability of such certification allows customers to be sure that the products meet the highest European quality standards.

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In 2019, Rauta’s market share in the imported sandwich panels doubled
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