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Cor-Ten Steel as a Unique Material


Cor-ten steel stylish design solution adorn numerous buildings and structures throughout the world. Due to the unique property of Cor-ten steel to change its colour in the course of time, leading architects in the world are actively using Cor-ten in a variety of projects: from small sculptures to grand buildings. This allows creating landmark projects changing in time.

Sheres of use


The Cor-ten atmosphere resistant steel was developed in the 1930s by U.S. Steel. The excellent corrosion resistance and high durability of Cor-ten steel made it popular in a number of spheres: shipbuilding, bridge construction, manufacturing marine containers, pipes, cisterns etc.


Cor-ten steel

U.S. Steel Tower, Cor-ten steel


Due to its unique qualities and ease of processing, Cor-ten is actively used both as a structural material in construction and in landscape design for creation of decorative compositions.

Cor-ten steel can be supplied as prefabricated façade products (rainscreen panels, lamellas, design profiles and sandwich panels), as well as in the form of rolls and flat sheets. Cor-ten steel façades are successfully used in construction of housing as well as commercial buildings.


Cor-ten steel

Cottage, Slovakia

Cor-ten steel

Riigi Kinnisvara Office Building, Estonia, Cor-ten steel

Cor-ten steel

Akropolis Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Lithuania



Pecuriarities of Cor-ten


Cor-ten is an alloy steel, especially resistant to atmospheric influence. At the same time, Cor-ten is a natural and sustainable material.



High durability of Cor-ten steel is ensured by the oxide layer (patina) formed on the surface and stopping the corrosion process. In normal weather conditions the unwashable oxide film is created within 18-36 months in case of obligatory multiple cycles of surface wetting and drying. In this case, each subsequent wetting cycle increases the useful life of the steel.


Cor-ten steel

Medical centre, Estonia, Cor-ten steel


Originally Cor-ten steel sheets have glossy silver-like surface, which changes in the course of time from velvet bronze shades to noble saturated brown.


Cor-ten colour change in the course of time

Cor-ten colour change in the course of time, Hokkaido Centennial Memorial Tower, Japan


Cor-ten can be used in structures without additional surface processing, and also does not require maintenance throughout its whole useful life.


Cor-ten processing


Cor-ten welding in factory conditions is possible with all known ways. In this case, it is recommended to use welding methods involving low hydrogen content. Cor-ten is bendable and can be cold-formed, thermally and mechanically cut similar to ordinary S355 structural steel.


Cor-ten steel

Garden-house, Australia, perforated Cor-ten sheets

Cor-ten steel

Palazzo di Vigonovo, Italy


Usage in architecture

Though this material has been used in architecture for over 50 years, it remains still of great relevance and finds more and more new options of usage in façade compositions and architectural solutions all over the world. In the latest years, talented architects are using Cor-ten steel for creation of not only expressive building façades, but also lawns, sculptures, fascias, landscaping elements etc.


In Ukraine, Cor-ten steel by Ruukki SSAB has been used in a number of projects, including TAM-TAM Shopping and Entertainment Centre in Lutsk, Verholy Hotel in Poltava Region, the Cube sculpture in Kyiv etc.



Interior usage of Cor-ten steel


Today Cor-ten steel is more and more widely used in interiors of residential and commercial buildings. Combining velvet-like surface and expressive colour, Cor-ten steel products always look slender and successfully complement any interior.


Cor-ten can be used for producing staircases, furniture, fireplaces, luminaires, and other interior objects. Cor-ten is also used for wall, ceiling, floor and other finishes.



The possibilities of using Cor-ten are virtually unlimited and in the nearest future modern architects will definitely find other ways to use such steel to create new interesting solutions.


Examples of using Cor-Ten in architecture



Cor-ten steel

Pärnu Bay Golf Club, Estonia

Cor-ten steel

Cinema Museum, Estonia

Cor-ten steel

Egtved Gas Compressor Station, Denmark

Cor-ten steel signboard

Cor-ten steel signboard

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Cor-Ten Steel as a Unique Material
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