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11 reasons for choosing ruukki sandwich panels

стеновые сэндвич-панели Ruukki1

Nowadays, nearly 30 manufacturers and over 300 suppliers offer sandwich panels in Ukraine. Before buying sandwich panels, one should know what to pay attention to when choosing them.

At the Ukrainian market, there are sandwich panels, the price of which does not always match their quality. There are high-quality panels, which serve for long and allow to save substantial costs on operation of the building, as well as cheap sandwich panels characterized with short life and unpleasant appearance.


Ruukki sandwich panels are the most durable and energy-efficient, that is why they are used when a client constructs a building for its own needs and wishes to receive the best result rather than seeks only the lowest price.


Like any quality product, Ruukki sandwich panels do not compete with cheap goods, while the price of the sandwich panels is justified with their high operational characteristics.


In this article, we have described the main criteria affecting the cost of sandwich panels, as well as the main reasons why it is worth buying Ruukki sandwich panels.


1. Over 25 years of production experience

Ruukki sandwich panels production


Ruukki is the most experienced manufacturer of sandwich panels in Europe, as well as designer of the majority of innovations in the sandwich panels segment. Ruukki sandwich panels are manufactured at the European factories of this Finnish company and have long become a synonym of reliability and quality not only in the EU countries, but also at the Ukrainian market. Hundreds of projects implemented worldwide are the best confirmation of the stable high quality of products and of reliability of the manufacturer company.


In Ukraine, Ruukki products for commercial buildings are presented by the Rauta company, which has its own design department and supports delivery of sandwich panels with professional advice on products selection, as well as with precise calculation of the necessary quantity of materials.


2. Ideal external appearance

Ruukki sandwich panels


The planar type of sandwich panels facing, combined with precise geometrical dimensions and only ±0.5 mm tolerances allow ideal external appearance of a façade for a new building as well as after 50 years of its operation.


3. Broad range of products

Ruukki sandwich panels


Ruukki wall and roof panels are represented in a broad variety of colours (over 200) and surface textures (smooth, stamped, microshaped, linear, ribbed, and trapezoid), thicknesses (40-200 mm) and core options (mineral wool and PIR), facing materials (galvanized and stainless steel), as well as types of polymer coatings (HIARC/ PVDF, Polyester, PVC, CSafe/Pural Farm, and Pural).


4. Energy efficiency

Ruukki sandwich panels


High energy efficiency of Ruukki sandwich panels (R value up to 9 m2*K/W) is ensured through usage of quality core from mineral wool (U-value 0.04 W/mK) or PIR polyisocyanurate foam (U-value 0.022 W/mK), high air-tightness of locks with EPDM seal, as well as precise geometrical dimensions, ensuring ideal fitting of sandwich panels to each other, thus allowing to avoid heat losses.


Usage of Ruukki sandwich panels enables 20-35% bigger cost saving on heating and air-conditioning of buildings, than in case of usage of products by other manufacturers. In this case, the higher price for Ruukki sandwich panels is recovered within 3-4 years, and after that the building owner gets cost saving throughout the whole useful life of a real estate object.


5. Long life
Ruukki sandwich panels


The official warranty for Ruukki sandwich panels comprises up to 30 years, and their confirmed useful life makes over 50 years. Such warranty obligations became possible due to usage of only high-quality materials and three-stage control in production. Due to a series of innovations in polymer coatings, sandwich panels are highly resistant to atmospheric impacts, UV irradiation, and aggressive corrosion environments. All steel for Ruukki sandwich panels is manufactured at the company’s own factories in Finland and Sweden, has 20 µm galvanizing coating (Zn 190-275 g/m2), which ensures long life in any conditions. The high quality of panels ensures stable structural integrity indicators and load-bearing capacity throughout at least 50 years.


6. Fire safety

Ruukki sandwich panels


Certified non-combustible materials are used in production of Ruukki sandwich panels. Fire rating of PIR-core sandwich panels can reach EI45, and mineral wool core panels – EI240.


Fire safety of Ruukki panels is confirmed with the combustion test report for the core (“non-combustible” for mineral wool, M0 for PIR) and polymer coatings (“non-combustible”).


7. Load-bearing capacity

roofing Ruukki sandwich panels


Usage of structural mineral wool (density of up to 120 kg/m3) and highly rigid polyisocyanurate foam (density of up to 39 kg/m3), combined with up to 0.7 mm thick facing guarantees increased bearing capacity and ensures efficient load-bearing in the course of building operation.


Facings from only structural steel grades with guaranteed yield limit of 280-350 MPa are used in production of Ruukki sandwich panels.


8. Sound, air, and moisture impermeability

Ruukki sandwich panels


Ruukki sandwich panels possess the best acoustic properties and considerably reduce the noise level by 30-33 dB.


The low level of air permeability of joints and panel connections (up to 1.5 m3/m2*hour) confirms the high energy saving properties of Ruukki products.


Water impermeability of Ruukki panels corresponds to A class (up to 1.2 MPa), which ensures the possibility to use sandwich panels even in difficult weather conditions, with strong winds and rain.


9. Sustainability

Ruukki sandwich panels


Ruukki panels are LEED, BREEAM, and FM certified and thus are the most suitable for sustainable construction, its key criteria being economic and ecological efficiency.


10. Quality certificates

Ruukki sandwich panels certificates


Ruukki sandwich panels are the only panels in Ukraine, which went through complete certification according to the European standard of DSTU EN 14509:2014.


Sandwich panels have mechanical, heat engineering, and fire test reports, the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, the quality statement, and CE labeling.


11. Complete delivery and convenient assembly

Ruukki sandwich panels installation


Ruukki sandwich panels are delivered fully complete, including all the necessary accessories: fixing elements, spans, weather strips, seals etc.


For the client’s convenience, a library of technical solutions, sandwich panels pattern on façades, as well as assembly and operation instructions are provided in addition.


The light weight of sandwich panels enables performing easy and quick assembly in any season.


Using Ruukki roof and wall panels, you can be sure that the building will serve for numerous decades, reminding you of your reasonable investment.

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11 reasons for choosing ruukki sandwich panels
стеновые сэндвич-панели Ruukki
стеновые сэндвич-панели Ruukki